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2 Inch Wallet Photos

2005-07-28 02:50:00

2 Inch Wallet
Liechtenstein 6:45 AM Thursday July 28

I awoke and went down to the common area to watch BBC, one of two channels in English. Set up my computer, plugged in and looked around, just to the left of my couch was a large or I would say huge billfold, I call it billfold, however most countries call it a wallet. It was sitting there will a little tube of some type of cream.

I pick it up and there is a huge amount of coins in one of the pouches, then I look at the photo, is a boy that was playing pool last night, I am sure he sat down and this huge rock was too large for him to be comfortable, so he sat it down next to him. Getting up quickly he forgot the wallet and went up to his room.

Now the debate, leave it or take up to the management, the management seems to be asleep so hard to make a decision, I really do not like to be close to this as people have a way of blaming the innocent. If for some reason a person has already taken the money out of the wallet, then I could be considered guilty because I am the only person here. I am not going to open it because the more I know about this wallet, the more problems I can have, better to be ignorant, I saw the wallet.

I am now hearing some washing or dishes rattling upstairs, I am going to take this upstairs to Martin the manager, hoping that he will help and look at this as good will. In a corrupt mind, they believe what they would do, while a non-corrupt mind looks at it as being a good thing to do. The corrupt or criminal mind would say to themselves, I would take all the money from the wallet. The owners is probably honest in my opinion, however this is one of them cases where a person can take all the money out of the wallet and no way to decide when it was removed.

I am thinking I will go get my camera so I can take a photo; the big problem is my flash is broken and it is very dark in this basement common area. I will run upstairs and get my camera. I can take it upstairs at the counter and give them wallet to the management at the same time.

I see this older couple coming out of there room, there is this Hymn singing group of Christians staying here, it is the second time I have nodded my head and said hello, they just look at me like and ignore me, this is a small place and you do see the same people.

I took up, the lady of the wife came to the desk, and she asked or said,
“Too much money.”
I do not know, however she opened and looked for money, there was a Euro bill I think, and then she recognized the person.

I took many photos, hehehe, now to see if they worked with no flash, I found the fluorescent light switch for the room. The lights were off earlier and only the sun coming into the room.

This is the common area I was sitting in the morning when the boy left is wallet, watching the London Bombing news on the one station of the TV - BBC

My office while in Liechtenstein

Typing this post on the blog, however I had just seen this huge wallet over to my left, the lights were off, and only the sunlight came in, I turned them on to get all these photos, plus the flash is broken on this camera.

Huge, the reason why he left this, is because it was too huge for him to be comfortable.

The boy who left it.

Bad photo, however the zapper for reference of size, needed for good photos.

Note the Leader of the Velo or Bike group, that is part of ROTARY came and thanked me, then forced the young guy, probably 21, to come and say thank you, I do not think he would have said thank you if the leader of the group had not made him.

The leader was good, this is really a bike tour or vacation tour hostel, not a backpacker hostel, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.