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2005-07-08 08:00:00

7:00 AM Taxi
Friday July 8, 2005

I asked the manager of the impossible to spell correctly Filaretai Hostel here in Vilnius, Lithuania when the office opened in the morning, he wish to know why. I said so I can call a taxi, he said there would be no problem. He asked me at what time I wanted a Taxi and I said, 7:00 AM.

He looked at me as if he had never awoken that early in life, and I was crazy.

Taxi came as agreed, and this is good as represents the cultural ability to work. It cost 10.20 Lithuania money to the bus stop; this is maybe about 3 Dollars. U.S. The guy had a meter, upon arriving I was able to find a bus leaving in 25 minutes, so all is good.

I am thinking the price of a taxi is a good value in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for sure, I am told the price of countries goes down. This means from my experimentation that Eastern Europe can be easy to travel. Germany is still a hassle, although I think Poland is cheap.

The cost of Hostel is too high in Riga and Tallinn, however if you worked very hard I think you could find a room in both for 10 Dollars, instead of the 20-25 Dollars. Riga is a very convenient city, however for sure living inside the tourist bubble.

I will go to Marijampole or something like that, close to the border of Poland, and then I have to find a room. So far, my luck at finding rooms in small places has been good. I think the taxis could be help; however, no one in Lithuania speaks English worth a hoot. I need to figure out a way to communicate, they just ignore me, so very difficult to figure out, sign language, writing thing down etc, does not work when people ignore you.

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