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What I want

2005-06-17 00:12:00

I had a great Wifi or Wireless internet connection for two days in the Hostel, now it is very difficult to even blog. The German computer have these too clever blocks on thumb drives and all the ways I work in Internet Cafes, therefore I almost have to have a direct connection to the internet.

It would be so nice to have a connection all the time and just be a tourist.

I have no idea what happened to the connection in the Hostel, it just stopped, now I am thinking, and trying and just too much trying.

Oh well, life goes on, today I hope to find the Check Point Charlie, or a place where there is the Belin Wall. I am in a hostel with about 30 percent Americans, this is maybe the first time in eight years of travel it has went above 5 percent. Normally I am the only American, however for sure I do not know or understand Europe, pay a lot, live in cramp dorms, work very hard, and be confused.