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Too Clever

2005-06-19 00:07:00

Service is what make a Westernized country better than a developed, overdeveloped manners and service, basically respect for people.

However I am slowly noticing a major problem in the ability for Western countries to compete, they have stopped trying to sell or service what people want.

The Germans here are too clever with the internet, they have multiple blocks, stops, ways of making sure they have no problems. The same is true for the USA, and really bad in France, England is strangely very good for internet.

However I cannot use my laptop or my thumbdrive in the Hostel and two of the German ran Internet Cafes close.

I walk into one managed from a man from Turkey and instantly he make and tried hard to provide service with a smile and make my life easy. I was able to connect my laptop.

The western world seems to be so narrow sometimes, and only will provide or sell what is easy and guaranteed to not make them work, however make the most money.

Wal-Mart is on the other end, large stores try to sell everything for extremely cheap prices. The small Mom and Pop stores often deserve to be put out of business. Here I think the guy from Turkey is beating the Germans.

Everyone is too clever to listen.