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Signs of Alcohol Use

2005-06-29 03:23:00

Signs of Alcohol Use

This is the second flask I have seen for sale in the small village of Rapla, I happened to go to two grocery stores and both sold this type of flask. The first time I saw this, I did not care, the second time I realized this was a standard item to be sold in a no name grocery store.

Drinking seems to be a daily and all the time activity here; I smell alcohol on the breath or that heavy liquor smell on many people. I just left the park here in Parnu, at 9:30 am, there are three people drinking. I almost go the photos of a guy by the bus stop with a bottle. Parnu is not a big city, more or less the feel of a small city. Rapla is very small.

When looking or inspecting cultures there are small specific items that explain the behavior of people. What they sell and buy shows how they live. This place is very rich compared to the rest of the planet.

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