Second Passport

Second Passport

I will receive my second passport on Monday, I am very glad I made the decision to come to Chicago to beg the powers that be. Chicago has been a warm surprise as the manners and friendliness of the people is great.

I suppose I am thinking or comparing to South America or Asia, however it is nice to hear a please and thank you.

The Chicago Passport place was great, everyone was helpful and did not cop a sit in the corner and wait attitude, and it really was easy. The big hoop to getting a second passport I believe is need. I explained my Visa problems when I was in Morocco and wanting Visas for central Africa, I explain the Mongolia - Russia Visa problem. After a few stories, they rolled over and gave me the Passport.

I needed:

A letter explaining my trip and why I needed the second passport. This for me was both; I am going into Eastern Europe and would like to get a Visa for Belarus and Ukraine while I am traveling. These are countries that require a letter of invitation, this translates to you pay to get it and this gets complicated and time consuming.

I also am going to Israel on this jump so if I fly into Israel, I am not sure, they may stamp the passport. Nothing is every certain, although everyone is an expert.

I am very glad I did not pay a passport or visa service to perform this; I do not think they would have performed, until I paid maybe 500 dollars. It still cost me 127 dollars for the speedy passport, however I will have it in my hands on Monday. I could have had it today at 3:00 however; there are huge lines late in the day, better to go in the morning.

I have one in my hands, and will get number two on Monday.

I attribute the ease to a real need and very good knowledge of Visas, and truthfulness always works for me.

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