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Rapla Estonia Hostel

2005-06-27 01:21:00

I am in Rapla, Estonia, probably will not be able to do much with internet, it is Windows 98, and the computer is difficult.

I am in some Hotel called the Joe Kulalistmaja... There are little dots above the u, so not spelled correct. It is great, car siding on the walls, private room, shared toilet for 310 or about 31 U.S. Dollars, not really a great bang for the buck being I am in no name city with nobody, however the people are nice, speak four or five words of English and there is a some old folks bar down below that looks like the locals will hang our in later.

Went down to the local super market and prices out the food, about the same as Tallinn, however more quaint. They have sidewalks along the road, nothing is close, everyone needs a car, however they do not have a car, lots of walkers. Pretty rich country, and I cannot figure out how they make money, not obvious factories or even growing crops looks on the weak side.

On the bus from Tallinn we traveled down a two lane tarvy type road, with lots of pine trees. It seemed as though they are not very good farmers as most of the land seems to just sit. There are many greenhouse behind the houses and small gardens.

I have not said it, however the sun almost never sets right now, it is almost totally light at midnight, and who knows if it get dark or when it rises.

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