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Packing for Europe

2005-06-11 04:34:00

Packing for Europe Photo

I finally got in touch with my inner child, sensing the real danger of Europe, as I am not a big fan of Europe and consider it too much tourist, and too much organizational skills, it annoys me. So much easier to travel in South, Central America or Asia where taxis cost two dollars.

However what are my beefs?

1. I must have a reservation.
Make me pay for sheet, and age restrictions, most of the Hostels have bars below and are really flop house Hostels and do not have kitchens. My solution now it to use: with the guidebook to find the Kitchen and get the reservation, I will stay now at least 7-10 days to relieve the stress.

I need to try:

2. Walking - Way Way Way too much walking.
Europe is the worst, I cannot afford a taxi like the underdeveloped 2 dollar taxis, so I must walk or find the bus, metro. I really am tired of learning every public transportation system in the world and the internet does not explain well.

New Solution to Walking
Since I am designing a bag with wheels and the backpack as was in the past common is being replaced by tourist, I purchased a too expensive two wheel cart at True Value Hardware yesterday. I am going to make a piggy back strap for the second bad or front pack. I hope this relieves my stress, to allow my inner child to live peaceful

Note the big problem with the cart is for a 6 foot male the handle so far is too short, I hit my heels of my shoes on the wheels. The width is also to small, 14 inches is the max for a carry on, so I need 14 inches. This will tip over on it side all the time. But let here go, I am tired of carrying 35 kilos or 80 pounds in Europe.

The world needs cheap taxis with drivers that do not lie.

My new two wheel cart, the handle make it stick to the side of this counter in McDonalds, it has a rubber grip.