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Old Town Backpackers Tallinn Estonia

2005-06-26 03:24:00

I am driving myself crazy trying to find the website for the Hostel I am presently located in, however I will get it on this blog, one way or the other.

I just left the Hostel after having a long talk with the owner/ manager of the Hostel, his name is Val, or one of the owners. We had this long discussion about


This is the three booking engines or main booking engines he uses to receive reservations for his Hostel.

95 percent of all his people enter from these three places, and the rest are walk in residents, this is interesting to me.

His address is:

Uus street 14
Tallinn Phone +3725171337
You need to fix this email address to have it work!
uus14tallinn ATDELETE hotmail.com

The need to buy their own name, here is the present site.

He showed me his website and this is where most point, this will give you the directions however is not his web site.

I am going to get him to give me the correct one and post here. I am not big on posting Hostels and do not go around recommending Hostel, however I will recommend a person, and Val is a good person, therefore he is responsible enough to take care of you.

For instance, the owner Norm in the Lette'm Sleep Hostel in Berlin is great, however his workers on no face and no reaction individuals that do not give a feeling of anything, therefore when Norm is there life is a lot better. You really do rent a room from a person, not a name on the front. I look at the person that manage and make decisions, not the facilities. However for sure in Europe a place with a Kitchen for guest makes the place 10 times better for me, not for the party animals, however for adults and responsible people yes. Party is party and living is different.

He gave me some real insight into Hostels and this was great.

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