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Ohio Travel Bag

2005-06-06 03:53:00

Ohio Travel Bag

Today I drive to Solon, Ohio to visit the Ohio Travel Bag company, I am excited. I have been searching the planet, Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bolivia, Peru for parts to use to make backpacks. In all of these locations they make backpacks, mostly copies of other brands, however they do make backpacks and sell parts to backpacks.

Snaps, clips, hooks, straps, materials, however they just do not have what I want, the best of the best. Therefore I have returned to the good ole USA to find the best quality parts possible to make a backpack.

I was talking with Bruce the owners of Ohio Travel Bag and he said I should be able to buy these parts in the countries I mentioned.
I said,
"Yes, however they speak a different language and everything is a copy."

"I cannot find the perfect parts, they send them to the USA."

So here I am, in the USA looking to find the perfect parts, he sent me a catalog and it is like heaven.

I will visit the company tomorrow and spend the night in Solon.

Ohio Travel Bag