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Mobile Hobo

2005-06-08 19:19:00

Mobile Hobo

Wednesday June 6, 2005 6:01 AM

I drove a car from Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio, for a distance of about 200 miles; this is maybe one-thirtieth the distance across the USA. Therefore, if I drove the same distance daily, I would be across the USA in about 30 days.

In reality, you can drive across maybe in three days if you hurry, or maybe in 50 hours.

Not the point here, I travel all the time, however I do not feel Mobile, I feel tied to a Bus, Train, or Hotel, or better yet I connected to my backpack. Carrying a backpack or lugging around backpacks makes my life constricted. I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow because I need live at the Passport Agency so I can get my passport quickly. If I leave at seven in the morning from Fremont, Indiana, I will arrive in Chicago around 11:45. I then have 2 hours to make it to the passport agency, however it would be great to go the Hostel, drop off my bag, then go to passport agency.

My worry
I am thinking about the size of my backpack, the weight, and walking around in Chicago with a backpack. In Bangkok, Thailand, South America or Asia this would be easy. I get a taxi and I could go the Hotel fast, store my bags, and then go the Passport Agency.

In the USA or Europe, you the Buses or Trains are fast and convenient to from city to city, Europe much better than the USA, however when arrive in the city, and then you are out of luck. You must do the subway, bus, walk bit, and this drives me crazy.

I like the ability to drive a car from place to place on the trip to Solon, Ohio to talk about backpack parts with a supplier.

I was Mobile.

I am very Mobile, however I am connected to my backpack, difficult to move fast, unless I nothing with me of value.

Backpack Project
I purchased lots of small parts, hardware or fitting as I guess they say in Britain for my future backpack. Probably 8 dollars worth in South America, however about 54 dollars worth in the USA. However, I am sure of the quality, and this is the point, a backpack made with one bad part is not a minor, it is a major problem. A broken zipper, clip, belt support clip is going to make carrying a backpack very difficult, then a big problem to repair.

I am trying to put wheel in the backpack and this could be a job as the designs for wheels sold are not very adaptive to backpack, more to something you never put on your back. I want wheels, and I want the easy to use, simple, heavy duty.

This would make me more mobile, I carry about 30 kilos or 60 pound and this is a lot of weight to walk around with for mile, however with wheels you can pull this pretty easily.

I am trying to make the ultimate backpack for me; the young wanna carry a backpack person, plus the very old that would not carry a backpack under any condition. Both luggage for the airport, however if you wish to walk a few mile, yes I could pack on my back and take off.


ONE - Security from being robbed
TWO - Durability as a lifetime backpack
THREE - Redundancy, if one part breaks, there is second way to perform.
FOUR - Ease of walking with the bag.
FIVE - Adaptable to any person or amount of belongings.
SIX - Packing - How fast and easy can I pack the bag.
SEVEN - Included absolutely need traveler accessories.
EIGHT - Repairing the bag.

Attractive, lightweight, customized for your country, name, and ability to look the way you wish.