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Hostel Life

2005-06-26 03:23:00

Hostel Life
Someone stole the last inch of instant coffee yesterday from my bottle, it was late at night when I discovered therefore to buy more is difficult. There is some frumpy ugly old German lady that poses as a Hippo now above me that make enough noise to wake the dead. She is outrageously animal like in her behavior; for sure, the world is full of Animals….

Aagh she just came out of the shower and changed her clothes in the room makes me want to knock off a few Germans for old time sake. She is without care of other people, she is dog ugly.

I suppose I am paying around 25 dollars USA to live with these animals we call people. It is always difficult to understand the mentality of people. There are six beds in the room and only me and this other person rented or paid for the sheets. Now the idea is that you have your own, however nobody has there own so therefore they are sleeping on the mattress with no protection. The mattresses are new; however, to me the body sweat, odor and whatever will eventually make this the world’s most soiled sheet. I mean you cannot change a mattress or clean it the same as sheet. The sheet becomes dirty, therefore so will the mattress.

The good of living in a dorm or in a hostel is you cannot help but meet the other Hostile Animals, some or maybe 20 percent are civilized. Can you believe there is only one shower and toilet for 12 people, and this is zero problems, the toilet is a problem, however showers are barely used.

I came from a different planet; my parents are not from Earth, we do not live this way.

William a guy from England and some guy with no name from Italy riding his bike went around Europe went to dinner. For 20 dollars USA they ate, while I decided on the 5 dollar Estonia Fried Cheese. The Italian guy does not speak a word of English and I was doing my best to ignore him, because you can not include a cow in a conversation. The cow must learn a common language. Well in Europe for travel the common language is English, therefore all the cows learn English. However William in his new job of travel feels he must include a non-talking cow in the conversation. You cannot feel angry at William because this is very or an extremely civilized concept. Sharing, talking, conversation, however when was a cow up to civilized level. It is ridiculous he is on month 8 of travel around Europe and he cannot communicated. Eight months of living in any country or immersion will teach you any language. People can be so lazy, I amazed, when I am in the same situation I try not to be there, or leave, it is my responsibility to learn the local language or not try to talk. This is the problem, he is not trying to learn English, he just keeps saying, I do not speak English.

To travel a long time you have to keep the animals out of the house.


Dave the Portuguese guy has traveled for 13 years, he is in absolutely no hurry, and strangely either am I, just do not like animals around me that are in a hurry, breaking the world.

I just asked him,
“Could you travel for a long time being in a hurry?”

He said,
“For sure no.”

He than said,
“If I want stress, I would get a girlfriend.”
Great, the German lady just left, I will say another day, if she was going to live in the bed above, I was leaving. She has no sheet, and one of them sleeping bed liners, she climbed in and out of this thing about seven times in the night with no care. Some people need relieved of their stress, definitely nothing superior.

The average time in the Hostel is about 2 nights, therefore the transition noise is high, people coming going, packing, unpacking is always moving around making the day way too much.

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