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Free Wireless Internet Access Chicago

Photos of Free Wireless Internet Access Chicago

This is the steps of the Arlington House Hostels in Chicago. This is where I access the internet free by the use of a Hotspot. There appears to be five spots from the spot, however on is a secure connection. I cannot access the internet inside the hostel, however if I had the Cantenna or some other form of Antenna I probably could. I am looking for another type of Antenna now that is easier to carry than the Cantenna.

In many of the coffee shops in this Lincoln Park area, you can access for I believe about three dollars. I am not sure how you pay, I would think with a credit card, personally I never pay with a credit card unless I must.

Chicago Architecture

This is the front of a beautiful house on Arlington Avenue where I live until Monday; many of the homes have similar fronts. Large tree, shade, a pleasant walk and this neighborhood is great. I believe the area may be called Lincoln Park.