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Firewood Heating

2005-06-29 03:24:00

Firewood Heating
There appears to be many homes in Rapla, Estonia heated by firewood. I found a very interesting hole in the foundation or bottom of one home. This box is not common however; this house had about 12 of them around the home.

This appeared to be full of ashes, I could not enter as most home have dogs and I feel the Estonia people are protective of their yards, not so friendly.


There are large stockpiles of firewood.

Firewood, the main type of tree around here I Pine, and this burns very fast, and hot, plus has a lot of sap, not the best for firewood. I did not go and see what type of wood. I am guessing.

At first I thought this was a propane tank, however after looking at it, I am now not sure. It looks like the methane tanks I saw in Sawegram India or in the south of Nepal used to stir the excrement of cows to produce methane for cooking or heating. Anyone that knows, please make comment and explain.

This type of thing like the firewood, are the some of the reasons I travel.

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