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Eurolines Estonia

2005-06-29 03:08:00

Eurolines Estonia
I took a bus from Rapla, Estonia to Parnu Estonia it cost about 55 Kroon, and took me about 5 hours to go about 80 kilometers.

The buses do not leave very often and I really cannot just go to the bus stop and expect to catch a bus.

This woman helped me in Rapla; there was nobody that spoke English that worked at the bus stopped. She finally understood my English pronunciation of Parnu and then I wrote it down on a piece of papers. Once we agree on where I was going, she walked me to the correct gate and then held up 10 fingers to say the time. She was very nice, however for the most part none of the bus drivers would help. They go into an instant, I do not speak English so I cannot communicate phase. From now on, I will write down on a piece of papers the city, maybe find the world for price.

This is a typical field along the way, actually a little cleaner, most look somewhat scrubby and for sure not as organized as they could be, there appears to either be grazing land or scrub land, looks like an Indiana Land Bank type situation.

A flower along the way, I saw a bee, however did not capture the photo, however the bee and the sun were perfect for a moment of time.

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