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Chicago to Berlin Flight

2005-06-13 10:56:00

Chicago to Berlin Flight

I will fly from Chicago to Berlin Germany on Air India for 475 Dollars U.S. one way more or less. I purchased a ticket with Marshall of Cut Rate Travel; he is a wholesalers or air consolidator. The ticket on it says Picasso, this is some very large Air Consolidator, however I am not sure how to call them direct or if this is possible.
Marshall Cut Rate 847-405-0575

I do not get a kickback for saying this, I do not do that, he is professional, however do not call him with a million questions, where you want to leave, where to you and when. Air Consolidators do not like people that need help making up their mind where to go.

Life has been really good in Chicago; I am very happily surprised at the level of friendliness in the city. I llaugh at the languages spoken in McDonalds, and Subway, I believe most minimum wage jobs are held by Semi-Americans, this lends a new twist to the American way of service.

American Culture
I see countries of the world in every face, and hard for me to see each as Americans, I see their origins,
culture, and feel their history. I will never be able to see a face without the originating culture behind them.
This is wonderful and sad, because there is good and bad in all culture, travel has taught me too much about countries also, some of which I wished I had never learned.

My spell checker does not like the very very goods.
I guess is would no know what to do with…
Muy Bien of Spanish
Mak Mak of Thailand

I cannot see the screen, I am in the direct sun with a Hot Spot.