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Chicago River House of Jazz

2005-06-11 04:23:00

Photos of Chicago River and House of Jazz

I believe this is the Chicago River as I was walking from the Federal Building or 230 South Dearborn where the passport off is located north towards Arlington I walked over bridges. Below is tourist ferry of some sort, which has a deck on top for viewing.

Boat Life
This appears to be an apartment complex for boats; you park your boat below the building and live in a proper apartment above. Seems like a paradise type lifestyle of the rich and wanna be rich.

House of Jazz
This is located on hmmm… I think Clark Avenue in Chicago, if you go north there is a one-way street going north, it is on the one way going north. Just off this street on the north, part of Clark Street is also Rush Street the large party street of Chicago. Many people from the Hostel go to Rush Street at night, I am not positive if it is possible to walk there from the Hostel. The cost of a taxi is probably around ten dollars U.S. to Rush Street or the House of Jazz from the Arlington Hostel.