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Bird Sounds

2005-06-04 04:22:00

Bird Sounds

There are birds outside my window and they are not chickens.

Alex Garland in the book the Beach references that all places have a smell, and it would be great if a traveler could record the smell of places. Like I always think of Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico when I smell burning coconuts. This is a beach north of Acapulco and it always had burning coconuts, it also smelled of salt mist from the large waves crashing on the shores.

Well here in rural Indiana, town of 400 people there are birds, I wonder how I could learn which birds I am hearing. I am sure one of them is a Robin, I have isolated five different birds now.

5:28 am in the morning and life is pretty much on the side of Paradise here and less on the side of honking horns. I have not heard a honking horn since I returned home. The horn is one of the worst inventions on the planet.

Why would I want to remember the horns of India so well, with the signs on the back of the big trucks saying,
"Blow your horn."

The sound of birds is wonderful, it does remind me of a Hostel called called Cascada Verde in Costa Rica in the middle of the jungle, Toucans playing in the trees, what a memory.

Just another day in paradise, and life is good.

Today I go buy some gym shoes that do not stink, strangely a person needs to be careful of the rubber in gym shoes, because some rubber stinks. I had to throw away a pair of sandals in Panajachal, Guatemala because they stunk. I think it is the hard type, however I need to learn,