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Berlin in Spring

2005-06-16 00:03:00

Berlin in Spring

I am still lost here in Berlin, however I am starting to figure out the system. I never rush or try to never rush the first few days on a continent, never seems to make life better rushing under any circumstance, however with a different language, different streets, unfamiliar everything rushing is like running in the dark, hoping to not trip over things.

The art of travel resides in patience, committed to fact you live on the road and there is nothing new to see, that cannot wait.

Berlin is very beautiful now, and not one person has bumped me in the street, like civilization took five steps up the ladder. People are nice providing I do not talk with anyone that works to help tourist. Or maybe it is only 50/50, some of the tourist people are great and the other half do not want to talk.

I learned to NOT ask,
"Do you speak English?"

Germans are blunt and just say,

This totally removes the workers in the Airport from any responsibility to help, now I just go head long into talking short English, because I do not want them holding to their guns and not trying to listen. Asking them if they speak English is too easy for them.

I think of all the negative people in the Greyhound Stations across the USA, this is what the world sees, a bunch of angry people being extremely abrupt with them. The whole USA to the world is probably a person working in a Greyhound Station or a manager of some Hostel in New York City. This is very sad that these people are not nice people and represent my country.

This is why there is no hurry, otherwise I force the unwilling to help, better to be patient and allow the interested to help the interested.

I am trying to keep the Pretzels to only two per day.