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Berlin Bums

2005-06-22 02:25:00

Photos of Berlin Bums in the Park in Germany.

As best I can tell, this man lives in the park next to the Lett’em Sleep Hostel in Berlin, Germany. He has a voice like a toad and screams a lot, he drink constantly and it amazing he has the money. This photo was taken at about 9:00 AM in the morning.

I have experienced thousands of bums along the path, and these boys are dangerous. Not that I care, however there is a misconceived concept that Europe is safe, or the USA is safe. The violence level is higher in Europe and the USA than in South America and Asia, however Mexico could be similar.

My gut feels there is some sort of disillusioned Hippie revolution going on in Germany, there are too many people sitting around in extreme dreads, tattoos, and drinking in the streets. They do not seem nonchalant or not interested in the world. These adults, people over 25 are sitting everywhere in this area of Berlin. However, there are also many mothers with babies and this is good.

However, the percentage of deviation from any norm is very high, as if 25 percent of the population is dressing and behaving radically. This is fine, and student always feel a need to be different, however these people are burning their bridges, getting tattoos or becoming impossible to employ. Germany has a 10 plus unemployment status, however this may not be true because I do not know if this includes the temporary companies that employ so many in Europe.

However, my instinct tells me this new young country of 15 years is not on the best of terms with themselves. The USA and most countries on the planet have people like this; however, they are only interested in being different. Hard to put my finger on this feeling of mine, however Germany need to think and do some sort of social changes, get these people all the free money called the Dole and get these people a life.

Those with no future.

This is I think the name of the park, or at least the sign at the entrance. Note the area down by the tourist attractions are very beautiful and clean, this is typical type area I think, and they do not keep up the grass or clean the park. Graffiti is everywhere, it like someone gave up on parts of life.