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Backpack Weight

2005-06-23 05:11:00

Backpack Weight
Photos of me weighing my carry on bag, note Easyjet.com will allow you as much carryon weight as you can handle with no problem, however supposedly it must fit into a box 14x22x9 inches, however they do not seem to check close.

I checked a bag into the Easyjet.com plane that weighed 20.4 kilos.
I carried on, with computer bag a total now of 17.50 kilos.

I am carrying or pulling because I am in Europe and the taxis cost so much 38 Kilos, this is 83.77 pounds, wow, I did not think it was that much.

I was able to weigh the one bag in the airport after arriving at Tallinn in what I think was a shipping place. Hard to get a good or accurate weighing of bags, and for sure I am not going to do this at the Airlines check in counter or they will charge me more.

Weight is not as big of concern as people thinks, there is always a way to not carry your backpack. I can stow half the stuff or more in a Hostel, then go on trips for days or weeks, and return for bulk later.

My two wheel carts is working out good for Europe and is making the trip tolerable, going up and down stops in the Metro is a problem, however I am able to grab the whole cart, pick it up and carry either up or down. The steps stop me from pulling up because this cart does not have a slide plate, I think a slide plate should be at least 12 inches long to work properly, or more if possible, so you can slide down on the skis your bags.

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