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American Airlines

2005-06-01 17:17:00

I am amazed and applaud the service of American Airlines.

I purchased a plane ticket over the internet from Miami to Chicago for 142 dollars.

Well, Aeropostal the Venezuela airlines was over two hours late and I missed the flight for Chicago.

This had nothing to do with American Airlines, however all I did was go to the desk and say,
"I missed the flight."

They gave me a ticket for the next morning, I have no clear understanding why, it was my responsibility and they pay for it.

Missing in Action

MIA- I thought that is what the sign meant as I was just realizing I was going to sleep in the Miami International Airport after the AeroPostal Plane was two hours late.


Sleeping in Airports
See them steel arms in between the seat, they are the scourge of a good nights sleep, I know they do not like me to be comfortable.