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America Land of the Free

2005-06-03 18:11:00

America Land of the Free

I am in the USA, getting ready to leave for Berlin, Germany on the 13th of June.


Free from noise.
Free from being hit by cars.
Free of problems.
Freedom to not worry about being robbed.
Free if I want to go to the Ghetto and get robbed.
Free from headaches.
Free from dirty clothes, easy to get my wash done.
Free to hop in a car and go anywhere I wish.
Free from beggars, bums and Hoboes.

Oops, I am here, so the Hobo is back, the tramp arrives.

I am amazed at the open spaces, quiet, it is just plain quiet, too much quiet, life is so simple in Indiana, and I will probably gain 5 pounds, just to prove I am free to eat Butter Pecan ice cream, the life too easy.

Wal-Mart is a marvel, what a selection; I can choose so much, so fast. I stocked up on all sorts of miscellaneous gadgets I have needed. What would take me one month of searching in the rest of the world, I got in less than three days.

Food, so much variety.

Americans are spoiled brats, they have no idea how simple life is, and how cheap it is with Walmart to pave the way. I have to believe Walmart is one of the best places to stock up on gear. Note that I do not buy much specialized gear, however someone has been hinting they want to know what I carry, I am going to try hard to take photos of all my gear and put up in the next newsletter. I have taken and inventory and I have a lot strange little gadgets, devices, special stuff I have collected.

I need an inventory, so I could replace my gear quickly if I was robbed.

USA Land of the Free.
Free telephone… no pay per minute.

Free from worry, that is what is nice, not having a monkey on my back so I have to watch my backside all the time. Throw things down and no worries.