Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

2005-06-13 10:54:00

Eating Cheap in USA

Photos of Chicago - Eating Cheap in the USA is easy if you take a tour of the deli in the normal USA Grocery store and avoid the pro-types.

Me buying two dollars worth of Smoked Turkey, for a healthy meal, I also believe the scales works correctly, isn’t a world full or rules great? I being serious, I like some rules of civility.

Took me awhile to get in touch with the feeling, I do not walk under shade trees much in my travels, these big
maples make a sidewalk a pleasure. This is the Chicago Lincoln Park Condo area, or something like that, the cost of Studio starts at 800 a month and about triple of the Fort Wayne, Indiana cost of living.

Skulling I believe however I am not sure of the name of the boat.

Free Water, a extremely rare site for me, I almost never see Free Water in the world of travel, however this is
even better than finding one in an international airport, this is on the beach in Chicago.

The Chicago Beach, more joggers than beach people.

20 percent of all people I see walking seem to have a telephone connect to their head permanently, I am not sure this is life, more of anyway to avoid being alone with your thoughts.