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US Immigration

2005-05-16 08:11:00

US Immigration

I received an email from a person that want to help a person visit the USA from Ghana, Africa.

I had a conversation last night with a girl that asked,
"Why is a hard to go to the USA?"
She meant for Ecuadorian people.

I normally answer,
¨Because they do not leave.¨

Contrary to what the illegal aliens in the USA do, it is still illegal to enter a country without permission. I do understand people want to enter, however it is not a right of a country to enter another country.

The girl wants to go to the USA, and wants it to be easy, however I am sure if she went she would not leave. She does not want to visit, she wants to live in the USA as does half the planet.


- ... where nothing to do travel to USA.
Hello Andy,
2. What must you do in order to make arrangements to travel from Ghana to the United States?
That's about it... lol. I currently live in the United States, and in the summer of this year (2005) I am planning on having my penpal, Simon, come to visit with me, and I do not know how to start to get him to come. He lives in Kumasi, and he has a passport, but I'm not sure what else must be done. Must he get certain vaccinations/immunizations/testing? Must he get a visa? Must he do any other somewhat pointless things that the US requires? If you cannot tell, I am not a huge fan of the United States government... but I deal with it.
If you can, please write me and help me find out. I need to know what the requirements are for a person to travel from Ghana to the United States are. And also, do you know where you can book a flight from Ghana to the United States without transit?

I have very little idea on how to help a person from Ghana visit the USA, the plane ticket is the least of your worries.

Ghana is presently becoming one of those countries who exports problems. I seen prostitutes in Amsterdam, drug dealers in Nepal, strange black people in Vietnam. They are smuggling counterfeit money and involved in all sorts of illicit business. The are savvy on the internet and are becoming a country know for internet scams.

My advice is this, be a penpal. Help with information however never money, I see many people in the internet cafes, chatting, flirting with MULTIPLE or MANY USA citizens at the same time, they are doing the gamble they can talk someone into paying or helping them to go to the USA. A cheap way of escaping their country.

If you do not like your country then why are trying to help a person to come, it is obvious he like your country. Go and visit him before you help him to come over, this is a huge can of worms.

You are not a big fan of the USA because you do not appreciate what you have, the person from Ghana went searching on the Internet for a girl from the USA like you, so he is a big fan of the USA.

Contrary to how it seems, I like people to visit the USA, I do not see any advantage in them moving to the USA. It does not help them, if they one told me...
I want to see the Grand Canyon, or Skyscrapers, or Cowboys like the Europeans I would believe they wanted to visit. They only talk about work, so their intentions are always in doubt.

The next question from the Ecuadorian girl was about marriage and entering.