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Taliban Discovered in Huaquillas Ecuador

2005-05-16 19:22:00

Taliban Discovered in Huaquillas Ecuador

Maybe not the best for children?…
I go around and around in my head trying to decide what is correct for
people to read. I try to be tasteful, however also truthful, this is
the world folks, I just wander around and sometimes I find the Taliban.

I just left Santa Rosa, Ecuador today, a city with zero tourism where a
person can enjoy normal Ecuadorian culture without the annoyance of
tourist. I knew I was close to the real Ecuadorian culture because I did
not see a pizza sign anywhere.

I left after two delightful days of fresh bananas, great markets, and I
did not find one souvenir shop, life is good.

I left the Hotel going to Guayaquil however; the Cifa bus at the stop
had the marquee that said,

I though, the owner says less than one hour, my computer calculates the
miles at 87.5 miles and what the hell, only an hour short if not bad
for a Latino on time. Never trust them, it took me six hours to reach
this desolate and boring so far city of Mancora, looks like another
Mantanita with pot smokers and drinkers, and the beach is a distance.
However, my hotel has a pool and life is good. I will give it 5 days, because
I have nowhere else to go. I go back up to Guayaquil to meet a friend

I am at the border.
I believe were are leaving Ecuador, however they do not stop and shoot
you so you can walk across the border, you need to search for the exit
and entrance stamp.

I see this huge sign.

I am in the bus, just nosing out the window and this sign appears on
the side of a building. I read the sign see the photos, Osama Bin Laden
and it says in Spanish… I think.

“Taliban Here.”

I am thinking, what are the Ecuadorians up to; this is really a strange

I am making a couple extra dollars now on the site and it has
advantages, I think to myself, I can spare the two-three dollars and pay the
taxi to get a photo at least. I argue with a couple of taxis, border taxis
are the worst; they must take lessons in lying. However, I walk to the
street and flag down an uninterested taxi, always the best.

I say,
“Letrero Taliban”

He looks bewildered, and I soon discover why, he takes me out past
where I was suppose to get an exit stamp. (I had to return, the bus did not
stop for the stamp.) We finally wander up in front of the building. I
am confused and keep asking,
Why? I do not understand.

He says,

I guess this means night club, I am wary enough to know this word is a
trouble word, he proceeds to see this as fun, so he say to get in the
car, I am not sure if we are leaving or going inside. He drives the car
inside, parks, and starts to lock all the doors. At this juncture with
any taxi on the planet, I am going to ask how much for the taxi.
However, this time, I thought this is too funny.
I am in a very organized place where women work selling their bodies. I
cannot say the word or the anti-spam machines will kick.

Everywhere in this highly organized business, there are Taliban and
Osama Bin Laden drawing and advertisements. The theme of the place is the
Taliban. I am on the edge of Huaquillas, this is not in the city, and I
made a joke to the taxi driver.
“Good location, you get a taxi fare to bring people here, because they
cannot walk.”

Very organized place.

There is a price written on the wall there, it says
Five Dollar or 20 Soles per punto.

Punto means point, however this is a new way of using the word for me,
so guess this is an educational and a cultural lesson. The whole world
is full of Prosssstitutes however; it is not often I have seen this
type of organization. Asia is extremely organized, however…. Aagh… Asia is
different, more like rent a girl for the night, not by the room. If you
have traveled, the world and you do not know about this stuff, and then
keep traveling because as far as I am concerned, you have not traveled.
This stuff is impossible to avoid.


Taking photos is a no no, I am sure soon the bouncer will come out, yep
here he come right after I got the photo below. She was smiling and
winking until she realized I took here photos.

Note I took a much better photo, however for sure this is not for
children, so I edited, much less than a bathing suit.

Five Dollars
The value of a woman in Huaquilla Ecuador. Personally, I think it would
be great to parachute these girls down fee paid to a few of them not so
open countries with Taliban and such. I think they would self-destruct
from guilt. To me this is what the whole Taliban is about, guilt, and
trying to destroy all temptation.

Note the taxi did not charge extra, Latino guys love to talk about
women, this is your ace in the hole when you need to find a common subject,
if you know Soccer good also.