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Spanish Signs

2005-05-24 07:57:00

Spanish Signs
The photos are broken today because Ecuador has a block on publishing to my webpages, sometime, maybe, not all the time, however today I will not be able to find a way around the problem, however they will appear in a few days.

This is a sign inside the Royal Class Ormeno bus toilet; they want you to throw trash in the bin. However, I do not understand they English and in my way of looking at things, this means I should throw trash. The word litter is not the same as to they translated.

It is interesting to read signs, however what is more curious is the failure to connect the dots, the failure to check what is written. This is not a sign in one room, in one place; this is a sign in a very large bus line used probably in at least 200 locations. There is a 10 percent of life that is not completed, what should the world do, should they complete the last 10 percent and get it right, or just ignore? I am sure in the end, nobody noticed but me.

A statue in middle of the Central Park of Guayaquil. This park is very beautiful and well manicured; I walked over there the other morning around 7:00 in the morning. Clean and friendly, the park guard came over and asked me who I was, and where I came from, a nice person.

You can always count on parks to be and island in the middle of chaos, the place where nothing is normal, where everything is clean. Sometime I get the notion a city should not spend money to make parks, however I believe the poor and the dirt will always exist, however you have to promote the good.

I took a picture of this statue because it looks nothing like Ecuadorian people, it looks like a Spanish person maybe, and nobody here looks Spanish, like all the billboards and advertisements, they are all photos of people that do not live here.