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2005-05-08 13:38:00

I am in this very nice hotel, however what an adventure in mixed up and confusion to find this place.

Arrived by taxi from Guano to Riobamba early on Sunday morning, this is maybe a good time, however I believe most of the Hotel were full of clients or Ecuadorian people using the hotels for love Hotels. Therefore, they full at the lower end of the spectrum, and on the midrange, they were empty or vacant. I hung around hoping to snag another foreigner with a guidebook for some advice. I have so far only seen two in the city, the fall of the government a month ago has scared off maybe 70 percent of the tourist or I am confused.

However, my goal was to find a safe and secure hotel, this is the funny part, I entered various. Normally a more expensive hotel is not the safe hotel in a city because the management will have a key to the room.

I entered one and there is this sliding glass window with no lock next to the door, so you could enter through the window; however, it does have a hasp for a padlock.

I go to the next, it had a nice room with no hasp or padlock, however the lower priced one with out a shower has the hasp and padlock. I go to the balcony open the door and realize the neighbor can climb over and enter though my balcony.

I entered two or three more and assorted problem, however the mainly the management was hostile and had no interest in being friendly.

I enter a very nice one on the recommendation of a boy selling papers in the street. It is friendly, service is nice, has an internet café inside and they have a great room with color TV, however no bath for 5 dollars U.S.A.

This is the fun part; the house cleaner goes to enter 404 and accidentally puts the key to 404 into the lock of 406, and open the door. A girl screams,
“I am in here.”

I am happy because I hear English and think, great there is one person in the town that is not from Ecuador.

However, I say,
“That is the key to 404, however it works in 406.”

The girl did not comment and I repeated in Spanish, she says,
“Not very secure, is that a problem?”

I am laughing and there is a comedy of errors.

I finally find out the TV has no cable in this room; there is a room with a private bath, color TV, and Cable with all the normal movie channels. HBO, Cinecanal, etc.

I take the room know very well the door locks are a joke a best, however this is the normal five star method, the owner can enter as they please. I go down stair to buy some bread, leave the TV on and when I return the TV is off.

So no security or privacy, normal in South America, however the kicker is I have this huge closet where I can lock my computer and things of value, This will stop them and I know the management is by my instincts safe, unless too much temptation.

Photo of closet, the handles are close enough to put my long padlock on.

The security of hotels on the planet are always bad, it seems that the whole world feels the management of all hotels are honest. They are honest providing you do not give them temptation.

I have a TV, remote, and can drift off into never never land of movies.