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2005-05-18 11:06:00


I am safe and sound, and no headache, fever or sickness in Máncora, Peru, a smallish long stretch of Hotels on the gravel of Peru. I have yet to see the beach and hope it is good, because the orientation of the row of hotels is facing more of the highway than it appears to be facing the ocean.

I need to be fair; however, my instincts are not happy, this seems to be a party outpost more than a beach. For sure, the beaches on the West Coast of South America on the Pacific Ocean are somewhat bleak. The Brazil side is about 5 time better for beaches, I have not really been on a good beach on the Ecuador, Peru, Chile side, however for sure the reef along the Brazil, Coast make those beaches great.

I suppose the type of stones in the water is the problem, the sand along the pacific here is more of dirty brackish color, while crushed shells make for a better color or sand, makes you feel cleaner. The water coming up from the south makes the water cold also, so overall, not the best side of the lake.

I will walk around and give an inspection, for sure Thailand beaches are ten times better, however the people are not as friendly, however they do not steal everything so many pluses and minus to everything.