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Mancora Beach

2005-05-19 09:24:00

I happened to look at a page about Mancora as I was starting to use the Internet, it is amusing to see what they write about the local places I visit.

This is hilarious, as every picture has been doctored or created so reality is just a dream.

Mancora is probably the best beach I have seen on the Pacific Coast of South America, however this is not the area of the world to come for a beach vacation. There is a surfers path that is followed and this is one of the stop.

Mancora is one of the best drinking, party, drugging beaches I have seen, and if you are a party person, then this is perfect. Lots of Lima girls looking for action.

Mancora does not have warm water and there are very few palm trees, the ones that are here are small because they planted them. This mean very little shade.

I am happy to find there may be a good surf beach as Cabo Blanco as for now I have seen nothing at Mancora that seems good for surfing. Kite surfing may be good here though, as the winds are steady. This make the sand on the beach blow and fill up your towel.

Cabo Blanco is not close so I cannot go and check the surf, howver they say it is an expert, so being they probably lied, it is still probably half good.

For sure the beach is cheap enough and pleasant enough, you need to take extreme care in choosing hotels though because of the very loud music all night and all day.

What to read some fiction, see some doctored photos go here.