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Jambeli Hotel

2005-05-12 20:07:00

I am going tomorrow to the only beach I can figure out near Machala, hope to find a Hotel there, however the internet is of little use, the taxi driver says no problem and even says there is internet. However he says the locals only go on Saturday and Sunday.

Who knows, it is close enough if I need to bail and come back to Machala I can, this guy went there however had a lot of problems, he should have stayed in the Julius Caesar or whatever off the Central Park in Machala, I went to the same Hotel as him by accident and came back to the city to find a cheaper on... hehehe...
¨...and spent the next day at Jambeli, and island off the coast that Wilson had suggested as a poor man's alternative to Galapagos. We didn't see any sea turtles on the beach, only thousands of sand crabs...¨