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Indiana Boys in Caracas

2005-05-31 17:39:00

Indiana Boys in Caracas

Indiana Boys in Caracas
They were delayed and delayed in Caracas and were fuming, hard to believe how much noise some Indiana boys can make when they are not happy. They did not seem to understand they are at the mercy of another government and could sit around for weeks waiting for a Latino culture to help when you complain.

Venezuela is not the wonderful beauty place of the Miss Universe, in fact I believe they have some of the fatter and uglier girls on the planet, however many people go to Venezuela looking for beauty and end up like the Indiana Boys, not happy.

Want to see the most beautiful girl go to Colombia.

Juan Valdez Coffee sold in Bogotá Airport

Pilots on the AeroPostal flight from Bogotá to Caracas, I would say they set a record for making me stand in lines, and then I was two hours late to Miami and missed my next flight to Chicago. I tried to take the same photo on American Airlines and they stopped me.

Small child riding my backpack in the Bogotá Airport.

This is a bus or the way they remove you from some airplanes in Caracas, Venezuela. They come up and raise this car next to the plane, all the people walk into the bus like vehicle and got to the gate.