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Hobo Sign

2005-05-12 14:19:00

Hobo Sign
6:23 AM Thursday May 12, 2005

Hmm, is AM or am correct, or maybe a.m.?
I cannot find, must mean Meridian before and after, however…
(If you journalize, these are what it will solve.)

OK, there were these Hobo Signs or one Hobo would leave a sign for another Hobo along the path, so they would have a guide more or less where to go or not go. I always pay attention to where to not go more than where to go, if you avoid misery, what is left is happiness. I have this distinct feeling my inability to find a Hotel by guidebook, other travelers, or on the internet with, or Thorntree of Lonely Planet means, I should delay going to Guayaquil until I find a traveler with a guidebook to let me read a Hotel.

More signs on this page or explains more.

Can you believe in a country where there are 2-dollar Hotels and Guayaquil is the biggest city that’s cheapest hotel was 38 dollars, they only had one. Hard to believe how much the guides, and websites keep people on the track, hard to imagine them skipping. This is wrong they are not skipping Guayaquil they have almost no information on the city because tourist do not enter Guayaquil much, however I think it is the best flight point to Galapagos and for sure an interesting culture full of ex-slave types and funk, however probably not party central. I only have entered for two day a long time ago. I am more capable now so want to explore.

Hobo Signs
I am realizing or thinking I need to add to my types of traveler, and put maybe.

I kind of call this type of travel Hop, Skip and Jump travel, however for sure that could be a just a Destination Traveler or Tourist for sure a tourist is buying the tour, however most tourist or backpackers are semi-destination travelers.
(Wow, something more to write about… the delineation.)

Ok, so if I am wandering around through Ecuador I am doing the Hobo thing, I have big doubts that any Hobo could choose their path clearly, more when a train come by going the right direction then they leave.

As long as the vehicle or path lead that way, then they followed, the signs will lead. What this is all about is my failure to know where the buses will lead and why, or I guess I really do not care, as they are all going to the same place and that is the place to where I wander, no wonder.

I will wander today towards bananas.

Extreme Travel - Where nobody follows.

Adventure - Where you can be hurt or killed.

Explorer - The person that is first, or at least talks about it.

Current Events Travel - Following the news, like the war in Iraq, then goes and visits.

Destination Traveler
- or Tourist
The Traveler
Hop, Skip, and Jump / Wanderer

Hobo Sign
Andy in Bucay, Ecuador, ready to pack and leave south, towards Bananas