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Guayaquil Hotel

2005-05-11 09:42:00

Guayaquil Hotel
4:35 AM, Wednesday May 11, 2005

I am going towards Guayaquil by slow bus, I do not mean the bus is going to be slow, however I am going to stop along the way to see the country. I with I had a way to describe this type of travel better. I do call it,

Hop, Skip, and Jump
(That page is in trouble, I will fix, however it does work.)

However HSJ is more about how to travel day to day and not how to see the places.

I am going to HOP to a small village along the way, I will go to the bus stop this morning and buy a ticket going toward or to Guayaquil. Then along the way around 2-3 hours into a 6 hour trip I will leave the bus and find a room, the difficult part is to find a hotel.

I do not have a guidebook.

The guidebook is best used to find Hotels, however it also puts a person on a track, making you see what the guidebook recommends. The size of my bags slows me down a little, I really do not like walking around for a Hotel in strange towns. However if you want to see a country the guidebook is a hazard to cultural travel. Random travel is what you need to meet what is sometimes called as the real country. Everything is real, there is a desire though to find normal people that have not changed due to tourism.

The easy way is to get on a bus and get off anywhere you think looks good, ignoring the guidebook.

(I arrived in Bucay Ecuador, the internet is blocking me, this will show later.)


1. The map has Riobamba in the right corner.
2. There is Guayaquil in the left.
3. The double red lines is where the mountains stop or go down.
4. There are two possible cities along the way. Victoria and Alusi along the way, they are circled in red also.
5. The railway track or what I believe is the railway track is marked by a blue line.

I do not know the path of the bus, so I am guessing, however I believe it will most likely follow the lower more level land of the train tracks. If this is the case than it is possible to stop in Victoria or Alusi. I do not wish to stop in these cities, however they probably have a hotel in these cities because they are a little larger. Not all cities have Hotels, this is going to be the art here, to balance the trip and deboard where there is a Hotel. I am leaving early enough so I can hop on the next bus if I make a mistake and have not place to live.

This really requires you get up early and leave, not playing around, you must have lots of room for play. I want to land on the downward side of the mountains, however not into the plains. The cusp of a mountain is a great cultural area to explore.