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2005-05-10 08:31:00

Singers in Restaurant, hard to enter a restaurant without being followed, sometime I pay them to stop.

I have this permanent magic markers, I have decide to start marking all the water faucets in the world. Maybe a type of civil disobedience, I am getting tired of constantly wondering,
“Which handle is hot?”

I am glad or grateful they even have hot water; you need to wait for a while for the water to travel from the tank to the room though.

This tool is used by people that have propane tank or torches to cut metal. They use this device to light the torch. I am thinking I should buy and donate to Hostels around the world. This cost one collar and sparks when you squeeze it. Fortunately, most Europeans Smoke cigarettes and it is easy to borrow a lighter, or matches. However, I always want a way to light the stoves in Hostels or Hostals around the planet. If they hung this up by a rope, then the residents would not steal the matches for cigarettes. This only sparks and cannot be used to light cigarettes.