Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2005-05-08 13:36:00

Ecuador uses USA Dollars for the money of their country; this means that the USA prints the various types of papers money. However, it appears that Ecuador makes and stamps the coins, this I maybe ok, or probably the value of the metal in the coins may equal the value of the various USA coins.

I asked the Press Attaché in the United States Embassy how the Ecuadorian government discussed or asked about prior to using the USA dollars as the money of their country, he said,
“We read about it in the newspaper, they just went to the USA and purchased dollars and came back, we read it in the paper.”

These are above ground vaults for dead people, this is normally in done in areas where there is no land or where the ground table permanently keeps the soil saturated with water, in this particular situation I have no idea. This is in Guano Ecuador.

This is a bus stop in Ambato, Ecuador and if you notice closely, there is a propane gas tank and they are frying some form or disgusting looking meat, probably pork, hard to say and for sure, I am not going to try to find out.