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2005-05-02 16:00:00

Monday May 2, 2005 3:00 PM

I went to the DHL office here in Cusco or Cuzco Peru and sent 14 Kilos of my secret pockets I sell or try to sell on my page to Indiana, USA. The weight of the box was 1.3 kilos however, they charged me 1 kilo, so I paid for 15 Kilos total.

It cost me 139 and change U.S.
Or 455 Soles for 15 kilos
One Kilo is 2.2 pounds more or less.

DHL in Cusco is located next to the Lan Peru Airline office on Avenido Del Sol, so for two Soles I took a taxi and was there. Have to be careful with the Taxis or they will take you to any agency that has LAN Peru above the signs and this is maybe 30-40. There is only one actual office for LAN Peru.

Nonetheless, get the address off the internet and do not get out of the taxi until they arrive at the office of DHL.

Avenido Del Sol 627
(084) 24-4167

This is interesting as the give only the world or USA website on the receipt I have, or received. Everything is in Spanish so who knows what it says exactly.

The woman was professionals, probably on a very high level for any Latino country, although as normal they do not like you to ask questions, although I did my best to drive her crazy asking questions. The security guard complete with bullet proof vest spoke some English and this is highly unusual, guards do not normally speak English so this was exceptional. They did not seem to appreciate me wanting to pack my own box, or to at least help and watch them pack the box. They let me do so and we stuffed all the pockets into the box, and all was good. They then set the box to the side….

Guard in the DHL office in Cuzco, Peru with a bulletproof vest; hope he does not need it.

DHL worker posing with my package as I try to induce him to put the shipping label on the box, he give me a pen and I write the address on the box. Trying to connect the box with the label, not so easy.

I proceed to push to get the address actually on the box; I finally wrote the complete address with a pen, the girl then finally gave me a shipping ticket after I paid. They I went back in the shipping area and made sure they go the correct number on the box; the bulletproof guard put the FWA on the box. He could not read my ticket and he first put TWA on the box, however since I was sitting on top, more or less it was corrected to say the airport was FWA.

I looked over the ladies shoulder checked that she typed in the computer correctly and had the telephone number correct, I suppose it will get there, I never did see the shipping labels get attached to the box, however the correct shipping number was on the box and the FWA, so hopefully it gets to the USA safely.

I had to pay like maybe 10 dollars insurance or that is what the lady said I MUST pay, I had no choice, who knows, however I she told me…
“IF there is a problem you can collect in the USA.”

I hope this is true, who in the world trust anyone on this issue; I have realized the origination of a problem is normally where they want you to collect. She was not happy, I keep trying to say my address was not the Hotel and she kept saying I had to fill out the Hotel, as if somehow they would contact me there if there were a problem.

The bottom line is DHL has to be the only company I would trust to ship in the world, as all other are a series of sub-contract situations. DHL is the only that I believe is everywhere in the world, I do not see FedEX or UPS everywhere in the world, only in the very largest cities.

Maybe you could say I am trying to import / and export item to the USA, and however you do this, and the cost of shipping is atrocious. I really am not happy with the cost of shipping, and then there are the customs problems. Who can tell what the rules are and really impossible to understand, as best I can tell anything under 2000 dollars USA is not really a problem, and I would never send over 2000 dollars in one package… That is a lot of stuff to purchase anyway you do it.

I signed and complete some type of Customs paper for them, it was all in Spanish so I more or less trusted them, who knows a contract that is not understood, is not a valid contract, however that is Contract Law.

Ok, I am learning that I only want to ship with DHL and forget the others methods because I do not want to worry if the package arrives. Normal governmental post is so full of problems, all I do is think about whether it will arrive and I then maybe it is hung up at some Customs port along the way and the package disappears.

I have never sent personal items home, and have no idea why I would; I normally would trash the stuff before paying 140 dollars to send home. There are very few things in my backpack worth that much money, and I am amazed that people believe their personal possessions are worth that much. I suppose some people buy 20 Kilos of gifts or such; however, it is about the same price to pay other overweight charges on the airlines, and a lot safer to carry with you as excess baggage.

I have no idea when I go home, so I must send or carry along many extra bags. I suppose this is the same as most travelers, however for sure I see people buying and buying and buying stuff to send home. The world for sure is a consumer, not me, I do not buy many trinkets and do not put much value on souvenirs, and I will only remember the photos.

Importing items to the USA is simple; however, the cost of shipping is best I can tell about the same cost as anything I could buy.

Therefore, if I pay 100 dollars for a product, I am going to pay 100 dollars for shipping, a rule of thumb.

Therefore I to price something to sell, I take the purchase price times two, and then add on profit, more or less. I hope that is confusing, because it is confusing.