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Delirious and Stir Crazy

2005-05-15 07:53:00

Delirious and Stir Crazy
May 15, 7:05 am Thursday May 12, 2005

It has been a terrible night; I am in a more or less good Hotel in the city of Santa Rosa, Ecuador. Every part of my body hurts, lying on my bed hurts my back; there is no way to be comfortable. I strangely have an air conditioner that is for a short while too cold and then I am too hot, there is no balance.

This is not the way I wish to feel, and only time will make it go away. I have no idea what is wrong with me; I have a fever, chills, and cannot concentrate. I think I am delirious; the stir-crazies are driving me crazy, the itchy, shaky, nerve wracking feelings. I want them to stop.

I have been thinking all night too much, I am sick enough I know that I should be careful and not do too much. I am going to stay here until this passes; I think the fever is breaking. Now I need some exercise to gets the blood flowing.

A good walk will flush out the body of all the impurities and oxygenate the blood.

I am so human, nice to know I am fallible and can have multiple problems at the same time. It would be terrible to be perfect.
The Independent Traveler or maybe the Solitary Traveler is a fantasy for people to wander the planet, seeking adventure, life, and whatever the world may give. I do not have this fantasy, I know that sharing a trip, friendship and not being alone in this room is the goal, Not to be solitary or independent, I do not thrive on independence, I thrive on my never ending Traveler Curiosity.

Not a good day, however life is good.
I know I am alone today.

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