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Colombia to Miami Flight

2005-05-30 08:00:00

Colombia to Miami Flight
I took an airplane from Bogota, Colombia to Miami, Florida, it cost 242 U.S. Dollars. The flight was on AeroPostal and I purchased price, and not quality. I almost always buy price, because there is not better system. AeroPostal stopped in Venezuela and is a really stupid system. In the end because of confusion and lack of organization we arrived in Florida two hours late.

Hard to say, the plane seem to be safe and good, I did save about 150 dollars on price and was many many problems, making us stand in lines forever for many reason I will never know. However for sure AeroPostal is not an airlines to depend on if you need to be on time.

It is a Venezuela, Airlines and anyone that knows Venezuela would understand that this is not a country that is warm and friendly, or at least that is my opinion. They have a dictator, not a good sign.