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Cell Phone Tax

2005-05-14 07:53:00

I suppose this will be confusing, I was reading a blurb or article by the New York Times on a city that is collecting taxes on Cell Telephones.

The USA and most of Europe are very good at collecting taxes, so no worries.

However the rest of the world has a big problem collecting taxes, what this means is there is no money available for Schools, Roads, Social Security or anything that is normally paid for by the government in places like the USA.

I was talking with a girl that earned 200 Soles in Cuzco per month, this is about 60 Dollars U.S., however she was trying to see if she could spend 200 Soles to buy a Cell Phone. I did not say much, however it is a obvious that the temptation to have a cell telephone outweigh the realities of life.

Governments both legitimately, however normally corruptly figure out ways to extract money from their people for their private use. I am not including the USA, Europe or Australia and New Zealand in this mix, however many countries have methods to make the people working in the government rich.

Never thought about this much however Peter in Pak Bara Thailand was always talking about the King of Thailand owning all the cell telephone companies in Thailand. Here in Ecuador there are multiple toll roads or not so much toll road, they are stop points where the collect money. Like Robin Hood and the tax collectors these toll bridges are able to collect money from people and they have no way to stop this.

Salinas in Mexico was suppose to make a fortune off the toll road between Mexico city and Acapulco.

Now it appears that fashion or the need to feel important by having a cell telephone is now becoming the way to extort taxes or extract monies.

On a funny side, if I call a person in Ecuador, I have to pay, not the person with the cell telephone, so what happens is a girl will often give me their number. They do not want to talk to me, they want someone to call them and pay. I have learned never to call, take a taxi, it is cheaper.

Cell Telephone the way of extracting money from the masses.