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2005-05-10 08:18:00

There is a Canadian girl that works for some public radio station in Canada in my Hotel, she is one of the few foreigners in the city.

She is shagging or has what I am 90 percent sure what is an Ecuadorian boyfriends, this normally says a lot for about girl travelers.

She asked me to do a voice over of an interview with a local radio station about the kicking out of the President of Ecuador a few weeks ago. At first I thought about helping, then I thought. this is nuts the normal Canadian young traveler is naive and liberal and not a friend of me or the USA. I try to avoid the young Canadian travelers. as they are a sad lot of people. Lost for an idenity of their own and for sure trying to not be like the USA, however totally like the USA, so a real problem for me as I do not need to listen to their person identity problems.

NGO and Non-profits do not seem to be non-political, actually they are the most political animals on earth making sure they substantiate their existence.

She is nice, however my assessment is she is nuts, and liberally naive about geopolitical problems. Ecuador is in really good shape presently, nobody cares what the politicians fight about, and who would they are just a bunch of power hungry corrupt individuals fighting with each others while they lose their power.