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Bucay Ecuador Train

2005-05-11 10:08:00

Bucay Ecuador Train

I am in Bucay, Ecuador between or just coming down from the mountains of Riobamba, I needed to ask where I got off because I was sleeping and it was over 2 hours into the trip. I decided that I would get off the bus when it was over two hours away from Riobamba, and it looked like it had a Hotel.

I am in the Hotel California, I hope they let me leave...
(Song by the Eagles.)

I have discovered I am right on a train route or maybe a stop, it is drizzling rain so not easy to go explore, however I will see if I can hop a train to Guayaquil. I am without guidebook and need to figure out a Hotel in Guayaquil before I arrive as the city is huge.

The city is great, the internet has another block on it, so I can not publish photos or download and upload email. I will look for another internet cafe, it is a lottery which one works.

The city is nice, sort of modern quaint, a tressle bridge, and some more Amazon looking girl, with strangely what looks like Spanish, the Spanish spoken here is really bleak.

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