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Bogota Colombia

2005-05-24 08:08:00

Bogota Colombia
I am leaving today for Bogotá, Colombia to see my friend German Escobar that owns the Platypus Bogotá Hostels. He is probably the only person I know that I consider a true travel expert. To be a travel expert is of little value to the average traveler because normally a travel agent best answers the questions a normal person has, because all they want to know is Hotels and Airplanes.

To enjoy travel is more than seeing tourist attractions, finding a plane, then living in a nice hotel; it is a way of life. I become frustrated answering questions that any travel agent could answer, not well, however they could answer it and make most people happy.

German can answer my questions.

I will fly from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Bogotá Colombia for 118 dollars one-way and I have to pay 25 dollar U.S. for airport tax, therefore my cost is 143 total. I can carry 32 kilos the woman says, so that is a good amount and I fly with LanChile.

Guayaquil is a big city, no more, no less, I am not sure where to find the heart, I did not find it, and this is my second time here. I will have to come again; I thought a lot about going to Galapagos however in the end, I just cannot think about the tourist there without cringing. It just makes me feel weak to think about all them tourist, all asking questions, all excited about anything that is in front of them.