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Bogota Colombia Hotel

2005-05-26 06:01:00

Bogota Colombia Hotel
I am in the Platypus Hotel or Hostel in Bogota, in a the Candelaria the historical and beautiful part of Bogota to me.

German has been a friend for probably six or seven year, he started emailing me when I was in Guatemala many years ago. German the owner has travel the planet for 15 years and is one of the true experts.

Calle 16 # 2-43, Bogota, Colombia
Tels.( 571 ) 3413104 - 3412874
Fax ( 571 ) 352 01 27
e-mail: platypushotel AT
Web page:

What does a travel expert look like?
What does a world traveler look like?

Meet German Escobar from Colombia, maybe the only true travel expert I know on the planet.

For the last 12 ye the ars the owner of the Platypus Hostel in Bogota and married to a German woman. Maybe this the future of Hobo.