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2005-05-12 14:09:00

Sin Baño Privado
5:32 AM Thursday May 12, 2005
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador

You can rent a room Con Baño Privado or Sin Baño Privado in most Hotels I enter in South America, this translates to with a toilet or without a toilet best or the word bath.

Bottom line is you need to go down the hall if there is not one in your room to the shared one. The interesting thing today and the first time every for this problem is down the hall is a gate with a padlock. They have a balcony in the Hotel California where the toilets and showers are located. However in most of the world where it is possible to climb up and onto a place is normally encased or has bars around them. As the whole world seems to steal a lot excepting a few of the more modern.

The bad part is the bars are now between me and the toilets, my daily routine is disrupted and Latinos do not normally wake until at least 8:00 AM, and I woke at 5:00, this mean I am probably going to have to ring the door bell to wake them.

The front door has this speaker system with push the button system to enter; there is a noisy bell that will wake the owners. There is the jail cell door at the front door also; all of this is common and nothing new for me about jail doors on hotels.

The nicer hotels would have a 24-hour a day guard with some type of gun, in Mexico it was fun because they were small machine guns, how often do you get to see a machine gun up close.

Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador