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2005-04-29 06:11:00

Hi Andy,
I have a favor to ask you to consider. Did you know that the cartoon character Bugs Bunny is being changed this fall by Warner brothers to Loonatics instead of Looney Tunes? Bugs will look dark and scary. Kids and older people are upset about this new Bugs. We all like the old Bugs. How would you feel if they changed the Wizard of Oz characters? This young man, age 11, in Tulsa, Okla., by the name of Thomas Adams set up a website to petition Warner Brothers to make entirely new characters and save the old Bugs Bunny. There was a CNN story on Thomas's web site in mid April and since that time; he has had 80,000 signatures the family said. Could you please put this web site on your blog? The web site is

I am wondering if Bugs Bunny is a favorite all over the world. I appeal to the child in you to post this web site.
Thank you. Love your mom.

Originator of Bugs Bunny Cartoon.


I personally believe that Warner Brothers would never mess around with this Branding of Bugs Bunny, it sounds like what Coca Cola either did by accident or on purpose when they wanted to change to the NEW Coke, now I believe they have two brands.

New Coke and Coke Classic.

Sometimes you can get a lot of business by saying or attempting to destroy something and everyone will come to protect the first. Hard to make Bugs Bunny in the news, unless you try to get rid of Bugs Bunny, then everyone will say.
“What’s up Doc?”

Here is a funny way to meet girls.
Try to fix up the girl you like with one of your friends, she may end up liking you more, this is playing on a lot of dysfunctional and co-dependant behaviors with a mix of the “I’m ok, your ok” mentality. Hard to explain briefly and really not needed. However when you try to fix her up it confuses her, because she thinks something is wrong with her, because you do not like her.
Maybe a “She Stoop to Conquer.” type situation.