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2005-04-14 06:18:00

I was required to read the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Becket in University, and often it is a great analogous representation of travel.

There is a plane from Rurrenabaque to La Paz, when will it come and when will it leave nobody knows, you ask a question and they answer a different question, everyone talks however the answers are not clear. It is obvious that there are no intention of communication, just a mix of noise and clatter.

Waiting and wanting, a frustration at the futile desire, the only progress I make is that I am trying to leave.

I suppose the play was absurd, mostly everyone is careful to not say silly as someone may say they are silly for not understanding, like great pieces of art that make zero sense, although everyone says they do, and of course because you can interpret in a million ways, they make the sense a person wants or needs.

Personally a small dose of common sense and clarity is needed for me per day, and after that nonsense again, I love to listen to travelers try to control other cultures, the time, and the most interesting is, they want to plan the weather.

This is better than the play.

I am lying on a bed with an oversize fitted sheet that does not fit, with no top sheet or cover, however it has a bedspread.

A man from Argentina is sleeping in a tent outside my room that is sitting on the concrete; he works in a bar called the Banana and was making some type of Jewelry from a Coconut.

I had not way of locking my door, so of course I made my own lock, although they did supply a hasp for the screen door, which does not stop the mosquitoes.

There are two men that appears to be a Soldier protecting the privately owned Amaszonas Airlines office however there is no soldier protecting the TAM or Military office.

The soldier tells me they will load for the plane at 6:30 however right now the time is already 7:00, he says the office will open at 7:00 however there is nobody in the office. The office opens at 7:00 the plane is suppose to leave or load around 6:30, nobody knows for sure.

I have a reserved ticket for Wednesday, however today is Thursday, I do not know when I leave or for sure I will go, although they guarantee.
“No Problema.”

I try to pay for my room, I owe 20 Bolivianos, however they never have change for 50. More or less, I owe three dollars and they cannot change a five-dollar bill. I debate what to do; do I need to go spend money so I can receive change so I can spend money?

The sun is rising, nobody is awake until eight or nine, the people are sweeping the sidewalks next to an open sewer, there for sure it will be cleaner, however it still smells.

Tour companies going to the jungle, on a 6 hour trip will leave at nine because they want to guarantee they drive and cook the tourist in the heat of the day, and contrary to popular believe locals do not awake with the sun, they sleep in the same as tourist, nothing starts until nine in the morning and then, impossible to buy coffee, so I make my own.

I will go to a city named La Paz that is freezing in the middle of the tropics.

I went to the jungle and saw a pet alligator by the name of Alfonso, which lives along the river tour that is sold as a Pampas Tour.
(The term is derived from a Quechua Native American phrase meaning “flat surface or plain.”) 1

7:20 Returned from the office that confirmed I should or could, or maybe I will be on the 10:30 flight, however I go to the office at the 9:00 to pay the driver 5 Bolivianos to go the airport, by the Amaszonas shuttle,
I will pay another fee at the airport for exit tax, so on and on it goes, a nick here a nick there…

A New Zealand girl sits, apologizing for her perfect English saying that people cannot understand her, although she speaks perfect English while the British berate me for not understanding their improper English. She is proper while the other are not proper referring to a country that says it is proper, however is not proper, this is from me, a country of peasants who now listen to the Royalty and tell them what to do.

She started by saying, I leave at 9, my plane leaves Lima in two day, I have 10 friends trying to leave, they sold our tickets, I did everything correct, I came to the office I booked my ticket, I reconfirmed before I went to the Pampas, (Which is the River Jungle) and now I return.

I did everything right, however they cancelled my ticket. They always say,
“No Problem; however there is always a problem.”

In the play “Waiting for Godot,” there is this rope that comes on the stage and off the stage, always being pulled on one end and being pulled on the other end, no beginning no end. There is starting of a sentence, however the sentence does not end, probably as good as my grammar.

What is a Godot?

“The tramps Vladimir and Estragon, … wait for Godot, who never arrives. Beckett’s play addresses the absurdity of, and need for, hope”
Encarta 1

Of course, there is no answer, however it is 100 percent sure for me in my mind and only in my mind, and they are maybe talking about God.

Confusion is the Devils best friend, and hope is the thread that is the glue, faith is the belief in hope, and in the end, if you believe, all will be fine.

No Problema

Therefore, they are correct, how it works, how I travel, why I travel, I have no idea, but it does work.

Travel Writers will dream up a story, a place, and an adventure, it will sell a tour, a place, a story, a dream, people will visit this fantasy, go home and tell others they seen the mystical place, and in the end the story is better than reality, because no one would believe the truth.

By the way, I am getting on an Airline that spells the Word Amazonas with and s or Amaszonas in a country where the word is spelled Amazon, in a location where the name of the river is Beni.

I must go spend some money so I can receive change, so I can pay for my Hotel room, to pay a person with no change.


A list of all the extra fees collect by the Amaszonas Airlines if you change you ticket, I would not be surprised now if they try to collect for what they cancelled.