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2005-04-03 10:34:00

The Iglesia San Francisco in the center of La Paz probably is the center of the Backpacker Universe for La Paz, Bolivia.

The big head, next to the Church the Iglesia, San Francisco, it probably is something about politics, I really cannot be bothered to learn, and if I did, I would forget. Nevertheless, it is a big head and interesting pillar or rock, many boys take their girls here to chat them up.

I am not sure this is traditional clothing, but this is the traditional way the dress up to be a traditional dance. There was this parade of sorts yesterday up the streets, two girls caught me, all of 18 years old and made me walk and talk with them, they said it was a celebration of the anniversary of an Instituto or school, she showed me where the school was and I try my best to evade the invitation to go dance with her. I did not put the photo of the girl because, well, I am not sure, but more proper to leave out because she was a nice girl, I will show the bad girls… hehehe

Life is good.

I have these great ideas… wow, inspiration, ideas, concepts, of how to help travelers like myself, I have been channeling my obsessive-compulsive nature into making a backpack.

The funny part is I have been walking up and down, up and down the mountainous city of La Paz, Bolivia trying to find parts to make a backpack. I am doing what I do not want to do, I am exercising and seeing the city too much at one time, but I am obsessive with some things, I am not obsessive about being a tourist, I rather think all Churches look the same in the end.

I have discovered that backpack number five has a problem with the side entry. I really hate zippers, all they do is break, and then it is dangerous until I get it fixed. I can lose things out of bag or they can rob me easily.

I guess the goal is to make a backpack with zippers as I cannot find and alternative that is better (zippers are quick), then next figure out how to protect myself from the zipper. How to use the zipper, but not need the zipper.

I am positive, if you try enough times you can make a light bulb, is the truth I learned from Thomas Edison, you do not fail until you stop.

I am pretty sure I know what to say to get lots of readers to my blog, I actually do not have that many or let me say, I know if I said things in a certain way and certain liberal bent, I would find more readers and they would enjoy listening to fantasy land. I need to create a delusional world where all poor people are great people and just need a chance, and of course, all leaders are bad, and crazies like Che Guevara are heroes. If I outline ideas that I think are naïve I would have more readers.

I always remember a quote I had on the wall about not following the majority of people.

“If the majority were right, the majority would be rich.”

There are what six billion people on the planet, which means if I just show enough photos I will have fun.

The pleasure of writing a blog is to forget I anyone is reading these ranting, strangely there is someone who likes to listen to anyone.

A girl walked into a the Hostal the other day, she had dreads, was from California, started talking about making homes out of mud, volunteering, she was dog ugly… aagh!

This Australian guy and me sat and listened, and then she left, he said,
“Wow, trippy.”

Like a hallucination!

My thoughts exactly, I said,
“Same song, different person.”

There are people that want to be unique, but really the same simple trippy noise; I am ready to hear some people making their own path.