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Sony CyberShot DSC-U60

2005-04-21 06:58:00

I have been using a Sony CyberShot DSC-U60 camera, and after using it for a couple of months, I believe it to be one of the best cameras possible to use for travel.

1. Waterproof
2. Small enough to put in your pocket.
3. Durable and hard to break.
4. Easy to download in an Internet Café.
5. The chip is the same more or less as a thumb drive.
6. I think I could buy an off the shelf cable anywhere in the world if the one I have is lost or breaks.
7. They sell Sony chips everywhere in the world.

I am thinking I need to buy another one because I afraid or have the feeling they discontinued this model.

Most people buy cameras that are ridiculously complicated and could be used professionally. I suppose I use a camera professionally because I do publish these photos on the internet and I do make money with this noise. The internet is very different from a magazine photo, it would be great to have both available to me, however the time of converting photos from large to small is great. I really need a great powerful camera that takes two size photos at the same time, on for email size and another for making into paper photos or enlargements.

Presently I am considering paying the 1500 or 2000 dollars to have the big professional camera. What I want is the huge zoom. Then I will need a bodyguard to not be robbed.

The Sony Cyber shot does not look like a camera to people and I do not put it up to my face, this keeps the people acting normal so I get the better photos. Personally, I like to take photos however, I am not obsessed. I am thinking a lot about trying to hire a photographer to travel along with me to take photos. I think I could afford 20 dollars per day. This would pay the average traveler enough to live for free.

Hard to believe, however you can live very well on 20 dollars per day in 80 percent of the world. Hard for me to want to pay more… hehehe of course I am a Hobo and do not have the money.

Most people think they are pros however I have only met a couple of pros with cameras, and for sure most of the tourist and travelers are ten time worst than me at taking photos. It is very easy to photo a mountain and for the most part, I avoid taking photos of tourist attractions. I see them as boring and everyone is taking photos, I try to take the photos nobody is filming, unfortunately these photos are difficult to take.

If I had a photographer, then I could request them to go around look at all the popular tourist attractions, so I would not have to bother myself with the tourist attractions which normally I am not to excited about and then I would have a lot of photos for everyone and not just myself. I take photos of what I am interested in and not what I think you would like.

However, I am sure I could supply what you would really like, however I am not going to do this, and I need a photographer.

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Your are welcome Sony however you never reply to emails.