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2005-04-20 10:58:00

I have been searching for a few years now for a 220 - 110 room heater that is small, very quiet and small enough to carry in my backpack without breaking. I want a fan so it will heat my room quickly. I have used electric hotplates for years to heat my rooms, however it is a little dangerous and not efficient, it needs a fan to circulate the air.

I am in Cusco and there was this guy in Centro Comercial, that I was asking questions and he instantly understood my goal, he says he can make one. He said this with no hesitation, clearly, looking me in the eyes and even told me how he would make it work with either 220 or 110 by flipping a switch.

I am very respectful of the gadget guys in these after one in Arequipa, Peru fixed my transformer for my computer a few years ago, this is also 220-110 compliant and a little complicated and almost impossible to buy when traveling in some of the more funky countries, it is amazing what they can fix.

I am excited, the rooms at the high altitudes and in places like Nepal, Tibet ect are so uncomfortable you could sleep outside and feel the same.

I check back with him at two today, no manana crap.

MY DREAM LIST of funky gear I want.